Woman Gets A Message From Tinder Match, Then He Asks If She Was Born A Man

Viola Mikhael was astonished by the message a man had the audacity to ask her on Tinder, the popular dating app that matches single adults together so that they can arrange dates.

This particular match of Viola’s seemed more interested in bullying her because of her appearance, rather than querying her about courtship. The cruel man insisted that Viola had “done something” to herself and was not born biologically female.

The 38-year-old stylist from Sydney, Australia, decided to come forward with her story to Daily Mail to take a stance against bullying.

“I am a confident woman, and I am in my 30s, but I can’t imagine what a young girl in her 20s would feel if they were bullied the same way,” she says. “I know myself but some woman aren’t as confident and [a] thing like this could make them want to harm themselves.”

See how Viola handled this bully below and let us know what you would have done in the comments!

Viola Mikhael

When 38-year-old Viola Mikhael received a message on Tinder from a potential suitor she could not believe how vile he was.

The grown man insisted that Viola was born a man.

Viola Mikhael

“Are you a ladyboy? Your face looks manly,” the man offensively asked her. Even when she rebuffed him, the man persisted in insulting her.

Viola Mikhael

“You really don’t think you look like a man?” he asked. Viola continued to rebuff him. Then he suggested bees must have attacked her.

“You must be amused by putting people down,” she told him. “Go ahead. Have a great day.”

Viola then gracefully excused herself from the bully.

Viola Mikhael

Viola decided to make the incident public because she is sick of the offensive bullying from men who judge women’s appearances.

“This was just too extreme to let go, too mean,” she told Dailymail. “If that is people’s thing, that is fine but I was born a woman.”

Viola Mikhael

Viola says that some men even accuse her of being a sex worker.

“Some men will ask how much I cost and stuff like that it is hurtful but not like this last conversation,” she said. “I have met some guys on here [Tinder] and have had some really lovely dates.”

Viola Mikhael

“I think he just must have some of his own issues which is why he feels the need to have a go at me,” she said of the creep.

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