Watching This SUV Cross A River Is Unbelievably Unnerving

Fording high rivers in any kind of car can be incredibly nerve-wracking, as these adventurers in an SUV found out.

Instead of finding another safe spot to cross the ominous-looking Margaret River in Australia’s Northern Territory, Richard Hull and Brendan Braam decided to drive their Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series straight through.

While Braam drove, Hull filmed a video of their exploit, which contains some explicit language. The footage shows the 4×4 reaching halfway across with relative ease. But when the vehicle hits the deepest part of the river, water rises above its hood, causing it to drastically slow down.

For a tense few seconds, it’s unclear whether the car is about to conk out.

However, Braam continues pushing the accelerator pedal to the metal. The 4×4 soon picks up speed again and eventually reaches the opposite bank.

Hull initially uploaded the clip to YouTube in January, but it’s only now going viral. He said on YouTube that two feet of water entered the vehicle during the stunt, but the 4×4 and its engine were completely undamaged.

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