She Put Sunscreen On Her Baby But He Ended Up In The Hospital Because Of It

As much as we all need Vitamin D, too much time in the sun can age us and cause skin cancer.

We should all use sunscreen when we go outside, but for children and the elderly, it’s even more important. Special brands of sunscreen have been created to protect the sensitive skin of children, and doctors recommend avoiding peak hours of the day in the sun for infants and toddlers.

Jessie Swan was just trying to protect her three-month-old son when she applied sunscreen before going outside to a shady area, but they wound up in the hospital soon after.

Swan posted this picture to the Cancer Council Australia Facebook page, noting that the sunscreen she bought from their shop caused this painful, burning rash on her son’s stomach.

The little boy wasn’t in the sun, but he still wound up burned and hospitalized for days.

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Swan wanted to warn other parents against using the Cancer Council Peppa Pig Kids SPF 50+ sunscreen so they could avoid her awful situation.

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