Mischievous Cow Gives Her Owner The Shock Of A Lifetime

Beryl is a very special, and slightly spoiled, cow.

Growing up, Beryl relied completely on her owner, Sally Webster. The young cow’s mother died of complications two days after giving birth and Webster stepped in to raise the orphaned calf.

Websterused to bottle-feed Beryl indoors until she was strong enough to live outside and graze on her own. The cow grew quite attached to her owner, along with the two puppies she was raised with.

The 8-month-old calf is much bigger now, but she is still set in her old ways. She still enjoys cuddling up on a blanket with her two puppy friends and loves belly scratches from Webster’s husband. She’s also a little bit mischievous.

Memories of living in the Webster household haven’t faded from this clever cow’s mind. One day, Webster went out to the grocery store and came back to the shock of her life. Her very large animal was in a very unexpected place!

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Beryl was born on a farm in Australia. Sadly, at only 2days old, her mother died of complications. Beryl was an orphan.

Beryl’s owner, Sally Webster, quickly stepped in to care for the orphaned calf. Webster bottle-fed and comforted Beryl with the help of her two puppies, Fred and Wilma.

Beryl began to grow into a healthy, heavy young cow. Although she’s now able to graze on her own, she isn’t exactly independent. She loves to roughhouse with her owners and cuddle up to her puppy siblings on a blanket.

She also seems to remember, very clearly, the comforts of home. After Beryl’s owner left to go grocery shopping one day, the sneaky cow made her move.

Webster was shocked when she returned from the store to find her 8-month-old cow sitting on a carpet in the house! Nothing was out of place or broken, the cow simply missed being indoors.

Webster explained that every time Beryl sees an open door, she makes an attempt to come inside.

“But really, she isn’t meant to be inside,” Webster told the Dodo. “She’s just cheeky.”

Why was the young cow so keen on breaking and entering?

“She has an amazing memory and is very smart,” Webster explained. “So she knows where the calf milk lives in the laundry.”

Beryl is very lucky to have an owner as caring as Webster, and we hope there are plenty of funny stories to come!

If you’d like to keep up with Beryl’s hilarious adventures, check out her Facebook page.

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