Martin Shkreli Gets Suspended From Twitter After Cyber-Stalking Writer

Martin Shkreli’s creepiness has hit a whole new level.

The reviled former pharmaceutical executive has been suspended from Twitter after he made a series of unwelcome overtures toward a married Teen Vogue writer, going so far as to post fake images of the two of them together.

Writer Lauren Duca reached out to Twitter head Jack Dorsey for help Sunday after Shkreli replaced his Twitter account’s background and profile picture with various photos of Duca.

“For Better or Worse, Til Death do Us Part, I’ll Love You With Every Single Beat of my Heart,” read a message at the top of Shkreli’s Twitter page. In his profile description, he wrote: “I have a small crush on @laurenduca (hope she doesn’t find out).”

Duca responded with disgust, noting that one photo, showing Shkreli’s head pasted on another man’s body, is a doctored photo of her with her husband.

Duca, reached by BuzzFeed, said that she has never met Shkreli in person and that he appears to have taken an interest in her following an op-ed she wrote for Teen Vogue in December titled “Donald Trump is Gaslighting America.”

She added that Shkreli eventually messaged her directly on Twitter and invited her to be his date to the president-elect’s inauguration:

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Duca expressed hope that Shkreli will stay far away from Twitter and far away from her.

“He’s an entitled creep and absolutely deserves to have his account suspended perhaps indefinitely,” she said.

Soon after Shkreli’s account was suspended, Duca had to reach out to Dorsey again after an obscene Twitter account popped up and started lashing out at her, using Duca’s own name and photo.

A number of trolls have voiced support for Shkreli, but many more people have weighed in to denounce his actions and defend Duca.

Duca and Twitter did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The Huffington Post attempted to reach Shkreli via an email address he had previously listed on his Twitter page; we received a response that read “lol suck a dick.”

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