Man Proposes To Love Of His Life With Some Special Help On Australias The X Factor

When you meet the person that you’re meant to be with for the rest of your life, you just know it. Those first few dates are the best dates you’ve ever been on, and they don’t ever really seem to go downhill.

Eventually, the time will come to pop the big question.

But how does one even go about doing that? Well, that depends on the kind of couple you are. Do you like to spend a lot of time with friends and family? Do you like to make new friends wherever you go? Do you like to go on adventures around the world with just the two of you? Do you prefer to lay back and take in your home together, going to the same coffee shop every weekend?

The way in which you go about proposing to the one you love depends heavily on the relationship that you have together. Some folks would prefer to keep it simpleand not to make a big fuss of it.

Others, though, would prefer to have the fanfare, the flashing lights, and the spotlight on the moment.

When Gregwanted to propose to his love, Rita, he found a very big stage on which to do it. He recruited his friends who work in radio to stage the setup on TheX Factorstage.

But just you wait to see who’s sitting in the judges’ seats…

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