Johnny Depp says Barnaby Joyce looks like he’s ‘inbred with a tomato’

Agriculture minister hits back by saying hes turning into Depps Hannibal Lecter after actor mocks Australian dog apology video on US talk show

Johnny Depp has said Barnaby Joyce looks like hes inbred with a tomato as he continues to mock the apology he made with his wife, Amber Heard, for smuggling their two dogs into Australia.

Depp appeared on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! where the host labelled Australia a dumb country when interviewing Depp about the apology video after Heard was charged with illegally bringing their dogs, Pistol and Boo, into the country.

He [Joyce] looks somehow inbred with a tomato. Its not a criticism, Im just saying, I was a little worried he might explode, Depp said.

At a press conference on Wednesday morning Joyce responded to actors insults with humour.

I think Im turning into Johnny Depps Hannibal Lecter, arent I? he said.

Im inside his head, Im pulling little strings and pulling little levers. Long after Ive forgotten about Mr Depp, hes remembering me.

The agriculture minister also thanked Depp for the free publicity on Australias biosecurity laws.

Depp suggested the video was not sincere after Kimmell said it was the greatest apology he had ever seen.

There are things you have to prepare a long time for to be able to tap into the emotion, he said.

I played that anti-government Australia, when someone threatens to euthanise your dogs … tiny teacup things, [that are] clearly dangerous in Australia because of so many poisonous creatures in Australia you could die at any minute, so the dogs were obviously a problem.

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