I love Ghostbusters and I love Paul Feig. So why do I only like his female remake? | Hadley Freeman

One of my favourite directors has remade my favourite film and I wish I were more whelmed. But slick effects and sparky lines cant quite paper over the plotholes, nor that sinking feeling concerning the racial politics

American film director Paul Feig recently reflected in an interview on his anxieties before his all-female comedy Bridesmaids was released in 2011:

I thought, my God, this has be a hit because if it isnt theyll never make a comedy starring women again. Its terrible for one movie to have so much riding on it! But thats how it was.

Five years on, Feigs latest contribution to his ongoing campaign to prove women can, contrary to Hollywood belief, carry movies is under even more pressure. Ever since it was announced that he was making an all-women Ghostbusters he and his cast have endured more tangible irritations than just Slimer.

Self-appointed guardians of the 1984 comedy raged online at the thought of oestrogen in the Ghostbusters boiler suits, and when the trailer appeared on YouTube it got the most negative votes of any film clip, ever. This was nothing to do with sexism, the fanboys and manboys insisted, they were just protecting the integrity of the original nowhere to be seen when Jurassic Park was revived.

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