Hooded boy in Australian detention center was ‘broken,’ sister says

(CNN)“The last time I saw him, he was broken.”

The sister of Dylan Voller tells CNN about the impact of her brother’s experience while in custody of an Australian youth detention system that is at the center of an abuse scandal.
    “He couldn’t look me in the eyes, he couldn’t be honest with me, he couldn’t smile,” Kirra Voller says. “I felt like I’d lost my brother for a while.”


    Howard Bath, a former Northern Territory Children’s Commissioner, says he showed some recordings of alleged abuse to officials back in 2014.
    “It’s hard to know why nothing happened,” Bath tells CNN. “I presume it is related to the culture of the department, and the fact that for many years there hadn’t been very clear external accountability.”
    Bath says measures like banning the use of the hoods or restraining chairs will not be enough to end the abuse.
    “We need to look at the culture of the systems that allow these sort of practices to develop,” Bath says.
    The current Northern Territory Children’s Commissioner, Colleen Gwynne, also issued a report on the problem in August 2015.
    “It is disappointing that so many of these recommendations still have not been implemented, when an urgent response would have been more appropriate,” Colleen Gwynne said in a statement to CNN.
    “I would hope we might now see a coordinated, professional, high-level response to the issues raised,” she said.
    In a statement released after the documentary aired Monday, Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles said he had removed John Elferink as minister of the territory’s correctional services portfolio.
    After the footage in the documentary was filmed, Dylan Voller was moved to an adult jail when he turned 18 — a move that his sister says has changed his life.
    “When he calls me, he sounds happy,” she says. “He sounds like he has hope again.”

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