Giant Waves Of Foam Blanket Beach After Powerful Australia Storm

Days after a powerful storm ravaged Australia’s eastern coast, footage of a man being enveloped by giant waves of sea foam surfaced on social media.

Thick sea foam, as seen in the video below, is a rare phenomenon that can occur after big storms or cyclones, according to the BBC. It forms naturally when wind or waves stir the ocean, mixing up the salt water’s proteins, dead algae and other tiny particles.

Local Grey Leyson filmed the foam on Saturday at Froggy’s Beach near Coolangatta, Australia.

While the foam looks inviting, locals told BBC that people usually stay away after big swells because sea snakes have been known to wash up on shore.

The biggest hazard I suppose is sea snakes, there are a lot of sea snakes that get washed in from out further,” Leyson told the Brisbane Times. “You are very unlikely to get bitten by one, but if you do, they are pretty venomous.”

Sea snakes, however, were far from the biggest concern as the storm rattled through parts of New South Wales, causing flooding and destructive 17-feet surfFour people died and three people have been reported missing, according to the Australian Broadcasting Company.

Thousands of people were also forced to evacuate their homes as high tides destroyed beachfront properties and heavy rains threatened residents living near Narrabeen Lakes in Sydney.

Conditions over New South Wales and Tasmania weakened by Tuesday as the storm passed.

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