Driver Pulls Into Too-Tight Parking Spot, Then Leaves A Stunning Note On The Car Next To Her

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of the occasional bad parking job.

Sometimes, you just struggle to pull in close enough to the curb, and other times, you end up taking off your side-view mirror. Nobody’s perfect!

What matters most is what you do about it.

Some bad apples will ding up another car without leaving so much as a note or worse, they’ll leave a nasty one.

Fortunately, most people grasp the ins and outs of basic human decency (and parking etiquette).

In fact, we saw a shining example of these skills after a minor parking snafu led one extremely thoughtful driver to leave a sweet note on the neighboring car.

Instead of getting snippy, or saying nothing at all, she used her a parking challenge as an opportunity to pay it forward and spread a little love and kindness this winter.

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Late in 2016, right before Christmas, a Seattle resident came out to her car and discovered a familiar sight.

Another car had squeaked into the empty spot next to her, even though it was a tight fit.

Instead of simply walking away from an iffy parking job, the other car’s owner had left an envelope behind.

The envelope, tucked into the windshield of the first parked car, probably looked a little bit ominous, initially.

After all, most of us see a note on our windshield and assume that we either forgot to feed the meter, or we were dinged by someone pulling in or out.

Fortunately, neither was the case here.

In fact, the envelope contained a five dollar bill, alongside a sweet note.

The note reads:

“Sorry I parked so close. Couldn’t find a larger parking spot.

If you can’t get in, call me and I’ll come down.”

The note was signed “Cat,” and included the woman’s phone number in case there was any trouble getting past her parked car.

She added a smiley face, and then tacked on a quickmessage of cheer, writing, “Happy Holiday.”

Cat, parking lot angel extraordinaire, wasn’t quite done paying it forward.

At the bottom of the note, she added, “Buy a coffee on me!” with an arrow pointing to the $5.

It’s not every day that someone both apologizes and offers to move for parking too close and volunteers a spare five bucks, just to make an inconvenienced person’s day a little bit brighter.

Best of all?The woman who found the note on her car had no trouble getting out of the space, so she texted Cat to try to return her $5.

She got back this message, “You are welcome!!! No need to return the 5$. Buy a coffee or pay it forward. With 2016 almost over it’s nice to spread a little kindness!”

The original woman wrote online that she plans to volunteer in a soup kitchen to keep on paying it forward.

If this sweet, simple story restored your faith in humanity, make sure to SHAREto keep paying it forward!

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