Dont Try To Find The One, Find This Instead

Im sorry, but I dont believe theres only one person in the world for each and every one of us. It doesnt seem right to me that only one person can make us happy for the rest of our lives. I dont want to spend time chasing the one and searching the globe for that one person who meets all of my criteria. And I dont want to believe love is just up to chance, because that almost seems to overly simplify it. There are, of course, factors that fit into love that rely on chance: chemistry, timing, etc. But I dont think that the be all and end all of your dating search and you might never meet because he or she lives in some remote corner of Australia and your paths just havent crossed yet.

I dont think Ill ever really believe in fairy tale love. I think had it wrong. I dont want to believe that you wont find love until you find the prince who has the glass slipper you lost on the steps of the palace.

In fact, I dont think we all have one Mr. or Mrs. Right. I dont believe in eyes locking across a crowded room and a rush of adrenaline that somehow signifies that youve found your person.

Instead, I believe that there are any number of people out there that you could be happy with. And I dont think thats unromantic. It isnt about finding the one perfect person, its about finding someone that you feel amazing with, and choosing to be with that person because they make you want to try. And no, that will never be a concept that sells Disney movies, but that doesnt make it less true.

You can believe in soul mates, but isnt it fair to say you might not just have one?

Youre allowed to find love more than once, and that can only mean youre allowed to have multiple soul mates. Finding the right person at the wrong time is a perfect example of why there is more than one perfect person for you. It doesnt mean that an old love wasnt the one at some point in your life, but your choices (and their choices) led you in another direction. So instead, youd find a different one for yourself.

The one isnt waiting for you with the glass slipper that fits you perfectly. The one is someone you choose, because you know when youre with them, thats exactly where you want to be. The one is someone youd be willing to choose, even when it gets hard, and even when it requires sacrifices, because choice, whether we like it or not, inevitably requires some sacrifice.

If you want to believe in fate, believe it. But instead of believing that fate will lead you to your One True Love, the one who make your life begin or what have you, believe that there is someone who will love you enough to want to choose you as their one, just like you want to choose them.

You can believe in love, and believe in romance, and also free yourself from the confines of this search for one perfect human being that will erase all of the former loves of your life. Your person doesnt have to wash away the people you loved before them. They just have to be the person you love right now, and want to keep showing your love for.

Dont chase perfect on paper. Dont chase oh but were meant to be. Dont chase the one you wrote a letter to as a teenager. Chase real love, and maybe youll find your one when you find someone who makes you want to keep them around, even when reality and everything else gets in the way.

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