Baby Kangaroos Can’t Get Enough Milk At Feeding Time And It’s So, So Adorable

In Australia, where it seems like everything is trying to kill you, at least there are adorable kangaroos.

Kangaroos aren’t exactly the safest animals to be around either, but at least they’re pretty cute. For orphaned joeys that can’t survive on their own, The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia, is a life-saver. The sanctuary raises and rehabilitates baby kangaroos and, whenever possible, releases them back into the wild.

Working there means hanging out with kangaroos at their cutest stage and feeding time seems especially delightful.

The caretaker tells us their names are Indie, Johansson, Jimmie, and Patty, and soon they’ll be able to eat on their own. For now, I could watch them all day!

This video is surprisingly relaxing and totally adorable. I’m so glad these kangaroos had someone to help them. SHARE if you love the work The Kangaroo Sanctuary is doing and want others to see these cute babies.

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