Australian mom reverses anti-vaccine stance after newborn gets whooping cough | Fox News


An Australian mother who refused to be vaccinated against whooping cough has changed her stance on immunizations after passing the illness on to her newborn child.

If I could turn back time, I would protect myself, Cormit Avital said in a video, according to Australian Broadcasting Company ( Its been a nightmare.

Avital further explained she was offered the vaccine at 28 weeks pregnant but rejected it. The first-time mom, who owns a health beverage company, said she stayed fit and consumed organic food during her pregnancy, and suffered no complications or deficiencies.

[But] even me, the bulletproof lady who has never been to a doctor, traveled the world and felt healthy, got whooping cough, she said, according to

A few days after Avital gave birth to daughter Eva, doctors informed her that both she and the child had whooping cough. Avita said Evas symptoms began as a slight cough, but within two weeks they turned to horror movie coughing.

Symptoms of whooping cough can begin with runny nose, low-grade fever, occasional cough and a pause in breathing, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Symptoms can then progress to coughing fits, vomiting and exhaustion.

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