Australian Mom Does Her Best To Save Lost Babies

It can be tempting to think that our actions can’t have an impact on the world. There are 7 billion people on Earth, what good can just one of them do? Australian mother Catherine Lucre, however, knew better than to think like that. When she heard about a big problem that was affecting her city, she said enough is enough, and put together a plan to stop it. Her determination is impacting people all over the world. 

Catherine’s journey began in 2014, when she saw in the news that there had been a sharp increase in infants being abandoned by their parents. Some of them were even being left to die. Most people would read this, feel sad for a bit, and then move on with their day – but not Catherine. She wanted to do something that would help save infants by providing parents a safe alternative. That led her to found Operation Safe Haven, with the mission of giving parents a safe and anonymous place to drop off their babies. 

She created a Facebook page and told the public, “If you’re in distress or don’t know what to do or you’re scared or alone or worried for whatever reason… if you just have no other means of caring for your infant, contact me.” Her powerful message began to spread and soon she began to save the lives of infants in the city of Sydney, Australia. She even began to keep a bassinet outside her front door, allowing parents to anonymously drop off their baby. She then takes these babies immediately to the hospital, and keeps the identity of the parents a secret. Watch the video below to learn more about her remarkable story. 

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H/T: Daily Mail

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