After TV Host Uses Motherhood To Justify Bigotry, Moms Clap Back On Twitter

Most protective parents can agree they usually have the best of intentions. But one group of moms is pointing out how being a fierce defender of your kids is no excuse for bigotry. 

Australian TV presenter Sonia Kruger recently said she’d like to see Australia close its border to Muslims for safety reasons. And later on, she defended her offensive statements “as a mother” in a tweet. 

“Following the atrocities of last week in Nice where 10 children lost their lives, as a mother, I believe it’s vital in a democratic society to be able to discuss these issues without automatically being labelled racist,” she wrote.

The statement didn’t sit right with other mothers on Twitter, who fired back using the hashtag #AsAMother with statements of their own, promoting acceptance and shutting down Islamophobia. 

Kruger had been responding in agreement with Australian columnist Andrew Bolt’s recent piece claiming that there’s a link between terrorism and Muslim immigration in France. 

However, other mothers aired a very different opinion. Some tweeted about the lessons they teach their kids. 

Others shared experiences they’ve had as Muslims and the consequences Kruger’s statements have on their children. 

And a few had some sound advice for Kruger. 

Well said, moms.  

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