23 Expressions From Down Under To Learn For #AustraliaDay

Whether its through “Crocodile” Dundee, those annoying Outback commercials or our own travels, weve all heard about Australia — that place way out by the Great Barrier Reef thats near-impossible to get to.

But the country is more than just kangaroos, vegemite and shrimp on a barbie.

Rather, this continent-thats-also-a-country is timelessly fascinating, complex and brimming with natural splendor.

So to celebrate all thats great about being Australian, weve rounded up a list of some of our favorite expressions from Down Under just in time for #AusDay.

1. Gday

The most classic of Aussie slang, where good and day geniusly become one.

2. Mates

Mating isnt just for the Discovery channel, at least not anymore.

3. Good on ya

A sort of catch-all phrase of thanks that can mean good job, really?! or congratulations.

It can also be used in times of sarcasm.

4. Budgy smugglers

What some might call a Speedo or banana hammock, the Australians have brilliantly renamed a budgy smuggler, a form of skimpy male beachwear that conceals nothing but your butt crack.

5. Taking a sickie

Because calling it playing hooky just sounds so much less legit.

6. Acting like a wanker

A general insult to someone who possesses a lack of humility, synonymous with jerk.

7. Bogan

A pejorative or self-depricating term used to describe someone whos considered white trash. These people typically have an affinity for the mullet hairstyle, bad teeth and uncivilized behavior.

8. Having a whinge

A bitch session.

9. Knackered

You know that feeling where you could sleep standing up because youre so exhausted? Yeah, this.

10. Fair dinkum

For reals? One of the most commonly used Australian expressions, its a phrase that even former president, George W. Bush and actor Paul Hogan have used.

Just be careful about saying it during a Delta flight.

11. Cross as a frog in a sock

Read: This person is angry AF. If you were a frog and you were captured in a sock, you wouldnt be too happy either, right?

12. Handy as an ashtray on a motorbike

This person is useless.

13. Crikey

An Australian exclamation of surprise or bewilderment made famous by the late, great crocodile hugger, Steve Erwin.

Interchangeable with expressions like “blimey” or “holy sh*t.”

14. Brekky

Because breakfast is just too hard to say before youve had your coffee.

15. Pash-rash

A skin irritation caused by an intense makeout sesh with someone who has a bit of stubble.

16. Mucking around

Say this and we know youre about to get into some real trouble er we mean fun.

17. Rellies

SinceAmerica has anobsession with shortening things that really dont need to be shortened (take fave, def, probs, etc.), its a wonder why we havent already adopted this Australian word, short for relatives.

So presh.

18. Knock up

Also known as wake up.

This sure brings a new meaning to the phrase, Im going to knock you up.

19. Whats the John Dory?

John Dory is a fish found in Sydney Harbour that also just so happens to rhyme with story.

So, when people want to know whats up, they ask what the John Dory is.

20. Shag on a rock

Contrary to what you might think, its not an act of passion on a hard surface.

Rather, a shag is a type of bird (or at least it was before “Austin Powers”), and this expression usually means that youre feeling lonely or exposed to the world.

21. Siphon the python

Ill bet, when given the context of a male in a bathroom, you can guess what this means

22. Thongs

Aussies are seldom without their thongs — no, not THOSE thongs.

The thongs you wear on your feet.

23. Aussie

Some of the kindest, most genuine people you will ever meet!

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